MIDDLETONMUSIC - "Live Your Music"
George Middleton
Styles          Ensemble Format     Sample Songlists  
Jazz Standards             Organ Trio / Piano Trio & Quartet*         Misty
                                                                                               Song for My Father
                                                                                               Mercy, Mercy
Contemporary Jazz       Instrumental Quartet - Septet*               Somthing About Love
                                                                                                 (B. Culbertson)
                                                                                               Ain't Nobody
                                                                                                 (J. Lorber)
                                                                                                 (B. James)
R & B                           Quartet - Septet*                                   There Goes My Baby
                                                                                                 (C. Wilson)
                                                                                               Nothing Left to Say
                                                                                                 (Mint Condition)
                                                                                                I Am
                                                                                                 (M. Blige)
                                                                                                No Ordinary Love
*All formats can include vocalist (s)
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George Middleton with
Best Kept Secret at the Edgewater
George Middleton's key Bassist
Earl "The Show Stopper" Shovan
George's crew gettin' their
grub on backstage.
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